NHS Trust

Solving common controls issues to save energy Using a collaborative approach to energy efficiency, ecoDriver® Low Carbon Consultants identified & fixed building control issues which


1 Building, 3 Energy Saving Opportunities, Zero Capital Cost Using a collaborative approach to energy efficiency, ecoDriver® Low Carbon Consultants identified & fixed building control

Airedale General Hospital

CEEP reduces demand for heat by 30% ‘Through the CEEP process, the ecoDriver team helped us find energy waste which enabled us to reduce heat


Energy Audit Uncovers 25% Energy Waste ecoDriver® Low Carbon Consultants audited a building’s energy consumption and identified energy waste because of faulty occupancy schedules enabling

Regulatory Audits

As one would expect, there are few (if any) buildings and plants in the UK that are not required to frequently undergo a regulatory audit

Building Controls Operation

A carefully commissioned, finely tuned and actively monitored BMS/BEMS is likely to result in an energy-efficient, comfortable and safe environment but a simple manual change

Building Services Operation

Technology in buildings used for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting can be complicated to understand and its performance will often deteriorate over time

Utilities Consumption

A utilities consumption audit will identify the uses of energy and water within a building(s) or plant and the historic consumption of utilities. Using additional

Manufacturing Facility

32% Gas Reduction 6 Month Payback This case study illustrates how we applied Industry 4.0 principles to design, build, implement and commission a building automation

Secondary School

10% Electricity Reduction 4 Month Payback Visibility of energy profile data makes identifying ‘quick win’ savings much simpler. Following a period of data capture and

Secondary School

22% Electricity Reduction 3 Month Payback By exposing a schools energy profile ecoDriver can identify controls issues which can be resolved quickly and result in

Independent School

41% Electricity Reduction 8 Month Payback A common issue is where separate building control systems are installed but not integrated correctly or commissioned to work

Saving Energy in Schools

Saving Energy in Schools One of the biggest, or possibly the biggest, news items over the past couple of years has been climate change. In

The future of Education

Where will education go post-lockdown as things return to some kind of normality? Will we return to business as usual or are we starting to

Perfect Harmony

Rethinking environmental education By handing students the responsibility of looking after their school’s energy performance they are gaining valuable life experience at an early age