IoT Sensors

Smart Building Monitoring

Make your building smart with ecoDriver IoT. By utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology, an ecoDriver gateway can capture, process and securely send data to the ecoDriver cloud service making available data from any number of building sensors (or Things).

Integrate data from the classroom or office space CO2 sensors, monitor air quality, room and outside air temperature, humidity, occupancy, whether windows or doors are open, light levels, valve positions and much more.

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Case Studies

Manufacturing Facility

32% Gas Reduction6 Month Payback This case study illustrates how we applied Industry 4.0 principles to design, build, implement and commission a building automation system,

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Secondary School

10% Electricity Reduction4 Month Payback Visibility of energy profile data makes identifying ‘quick win’ savings much simpler. Following a period of data capture and review,

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