Once your buildings and/or plant are operating, day-by-day, at their optimum, with minimised emissions, then the time is right to consider implementing those technologies that are going to help you decarbonise further.

From the preceding stages in your decarbonisation plan, you should have a prioritised list of appropriate solutions e.g. solar pv, air/ground source heat pumps, LED lighting, variable speed drives.

These should be implemented, in stages and their impact measured to ensure that the expected benefits are actually realised.

It’s important to continue to monitor consumption and generation to ensure that the objectives of your decarbonisation plan are realised and that the money you’ve spent is achieving the results that you desire and the world needs.


The unique target setting capability in ecoDriver, enables us to monitor the impact of decarbonisation activity, including the installation of renewable and energy efficiency technologies.

An extensive investigation and report by Innovate UK in July 2016, of 50 UK non-domestic new buildings found that

‘…projects faced big problems integrating new technologies, especially configuring and optimising building management systems (BMSs). Some teams also had maintenance, controls and metering difficulties with their biomass boilers, photovoltaic arrays and solar water heaters. Additionally, one air-source heat pump (ASHP) had problems operating in cold weather’

So, whilst transformation is often about installing, exciting, shiny new renewables tech, it doesn’t mean we should forget the basics and verify that the promise of the technology is realised in practise.

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Software to enable you to
understand your energy performance


ecoDriver Lite provides a simple entry level option for organisations who would like to take their first small step into understanding their buildings energy performance.

Your Page

Select from a number of chart options and create your own homepage displaying the information important to you and how you manage your buildings energy.


Simple and easy to understand charts to give you an ‘at a glance’ view of performance. Including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy profiles with targets normalised by occupants or GIA.


A suite of reports that can be manually run or exported. These reports can also be scheduled within ecoDriver Standard to generate automatically e.g. every Monday at 8am for the previous week.


Forensically analyse energy profile data e.g. kWh, Power, Current, Voltage. ecoDriver Standard can also support IoT data e.g. temperature, humidity, occupancy and air quality.


Record issues, anomalies and their causes, to supplement a buildings operational log book.


In addition to the features in the ecoDriver Lite version, the standard version includes the following features.


Utilise the ecoDriver widget in a digital signage system to communicate with a wider audience. The ecoDriver RISE Vision plugin can be incorporated with a number of other widgets. A separate RISE vision account is required.


Build your ‘energy champions’ team and work collaboratively to identify and resolve inefficient operation using the ecoDriver audit module. The audit module becomes your building operations logbook and tracks who has done what and when.


It is not just about energy, what about comfort? Get feedback from occupants directly from their mobile phones to understand how building control settings are being received and whether adjustments cause discomfort e.g. lowering heating set points.

Manual Meter Readings

Where automated meter reading is not possible, organisations can manually record meter readings across estates to aid tenant billing. Automated error checking and authorised sign off flows minimise the potential for mistakes.


Integrate with other business systems (e.g. ERP, reporting systems etc.) using the ecoDriver API or by exporting the data in CSV format.


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Powerful Alone, Better Together


On the road to decarbonisation, information, the combination of data and context, is your best friend.

The more we know about your organisation, its uses of energy and it’s consumption, the more significant opportunities we have to understand performance and facilitate change.


Once you understand how your organisation uses and consumes energy, it’s now time to act.

We help organisations identify, quantify and reduce energy and emissions and maintain these savings, month-on-month, year-on-year.

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