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We developed the first version of ecoDriver in 2007 (and won a Microsoft award for our efforts) and since then we’ve been helping organisations, large and small, understand their energy consumption and emissions, and take action to reduce both.

We do much more than develop and implement the ecoDriver solution; we use it to systematically identify opportunities for reducing energy waste and to prioritise further decarbonisation activity. We employ CIBSE qualified Low Carbon Consultants who can competently guide you in your decarbonisation journey and who can implement and deliver our unique Collaborative Energy Efficiency Programme (CEEP).

As a result of our work in energy efficiency, over the last decade plus, we’ve developed specific expertise in meters, metering technology and meter data capture. We’ve also developed partnerships with several organisations, who we trust and who can provide additional services that complement our own, including design, installation and maintenance of building controls and low carbon technologies.

We are proud of the organisation we’ve developed, our ethos and our reputation and we always aim to provide a highly professional service. We value the relationships we’ve developed with our customers and consequently we’ve benefitted from long-term business relationships.

Our mission is clear, to achieve real, sustainable decarbonisation, through increased energy efficiency and the use of renewable technologies and fuels.

Management Team

Sarah Taylor

Business Manager

Jamie Finnan

Managing Director

Neil Backhurst

Development Manager

Georgina Baggott

Project Manager

Alex Davies

Project Manager

Case Studies

Manufacturing Facility

32% Gas Reduction6 Month Payback This case study illustrates how we applied Industry 4.0 principles to design, build, implement and commission a building automation system,

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Secondary School

10% Electricity Reduction4 Month Payback Visibility of energy profile data makes identifying ‘quick win’ savings much simpler. Following a period of data capture and review,

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