Establishing past performance and identifying the reasons for that performance are an essential prerequisite for performance improvement, hence the importance of audits.

Building Controls Operation

A carefully commissioned, finely tuned and actively monitored BMS/BEMS is likely to result in an energy-efficient, comfortable and safe environment but a simple manual change

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Regulatory Audits

As one would expect, there are few (if any) buildings and plants in the UK that are not required to frequently undergo a regulatory audit

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Building Services Operation

Technology in buildings used for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting can be complicated to understand and its performance will often deteriorate over time

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Utilities Consumption

A utilities consumption audit will identify the uses of energy and water within a building(s) or plant and the historic consumption of utilities. Using additional

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Case Studies

Manufacturing Facility

32% Gas Reduction6 Month Payback This case study illustrates how we applied Industry 4.0 principles to design, build, implement and commission a building automation system,

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Secondary School

10% Electricity Reduction4 Month Payback Visibility of energy profile data makes identifying ‘quick win’ savings much simpler. Following a period of data capture and review,

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